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With a large range of frames available, we are confident in helping you find something to suit you. We hold a variety of budget and designer frames, as well as sunglasses covering an array of styles. A range of children’s frames, sports glasses and goggles are also available with prescription lenses.


Some of the eyewear brands include:
Versace, Ralph Lauren Polo, Rayban, Dolce Gabbana, Prada, Emporio Armani, Michael Kors.

Our friendly and experienced team have an eye for style and will be most pleased to help you in finding the ideal frames. They will also use their optical knowledge in offering you the most suitable lenses to provide you with the best vision.


Lenses play an integral role in good vision and the overall cosmetic look of the glasses. The optometrist will be the first to discuss the most suitable lenses for you. Our dispensing team will then show you a variety of frames and discuss the lenses available for your requirements.

It can be difficult to visualise and compare the difference between lenses. Having the Visioffice allows us to show you what each lens does so you can experience the quality before you purchase. Being an independent practice, we can use a large range of lens manufacturers which provides s our customers with a wider variety of choices.

Some of our most commonly used lens manufacturers include:
Essilor, Sinclair, WLC, Rowdon, Norville

Contact lenses

Contact lenses can be a brilliant alternative to glasses providing an unobstructed view and a different cosmetic appearance. With a large range in different contact lens styles, we can help you find the most suitable lens for you. Contact lens options can be tailored to your specific prescription and lifestyle.

We guide you through your contact lens journey starting with a fitting appointment. Discussing your options and trailing the lenses gives you the opportunity to experience the lenses in day to day life. To maintain good eye health, regular contact lens aftercare is also carried out.

Daily lenses
Daily lenses are usually found to be the most convenient with no need to clean or store them. These lenses are becoming more popular to accommodate our busy lives. You can use these lenses every day or even just once a week.

Monthly lenses
Monthly lenses come in a larger range of prescriptions. These lenses require storage overnight and regular cleaning. Traditional monthly lenses have branched out in to two-weekly lenses and extended wear lenses. Extended wear lenses are so breathable they can be worn continuously over many days.

Coloured lenses
These lenses are great for a temporary change or to define the colour of your eyes. They come in both daily and monthly lenses.

Multifocal Lenses
Multifocal prescriptions are no longer limited to glasses. There is no need to give up on contact lenses when reading starts to become a struggle. Multifocal lenses are available in daily and monthly options to suit your requirements. 

Gas Permeable lenses
Gas Permeable lenses are rigid lenses generally used for more complicated prescriptions. They provide clear vision and are durable over a period of months. Storage and regular cleaning are required for these lenses.

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